2019 District Convention Recap

The 2019 Third Congressional District was a Huge Success.  We met Saturday, May 18th in Lenoir County with more than 90 delegates and guests from 14 counties.  Democratic Nominee for Congress Allen Thomas, former Mayor of Greenville, gave the keynote address.  His remarks focused on the needs of our unique coastal district with a historical background in fishing and agriculture as well as the growing demands of our military bases, tourism destinations, and education and healthcare centers. 

Following officer elections, adoption of resolutions relevant to the region and other business the convention adjourned into a candidates’ lunch to hear from our future statewide leaders.  Joining us were Cal Cunningham, Allen Thomas Jr., Chaz Beasley, Erica Smith, James Barrett, Jen Mangram, Jenna Wadsworth, Jessica Holmes, Keith Sutton, Terry Van-Duyn, and Trevor Fuller. Thank you for your time, travel and willingness to serve.

Special Thanks to Megan Sumerell, Liz Cox and Jodie Lones for running registration; Gloria Goodwin and the Ladies from Onslow for setup and decorating our room; Cal Cunningham for seamlessly adjusting during our sound system snafus;  Becky Howard, Brian Farkas, Ginger Garner, and Tess Judge for handling nominations; Jen Alexander, Katie Tomberlin, and Amanda Hooper for reviewing resolutions; Larry & Fred from the LaGrange Community Center for tech support, tables & chairs and general facility guidance; Kings Restaurant for providing an excellent Chicken & BBQ feast (eastern NC style); Bob Muller, Chris Hardee and Tom Sullivan (in absentia) for training more than nine county leadership teams.  Your collective hard work made the day seem easy.

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