New Directions for 3CD

Having served this District since 1999, it is with careful consideration and a heavy heart that I offer my resignation as District Chair effective February 3, 2023.   

Many of you know that I was born in Pitt County, grew up and ran a successful business in Dare County, met and married my wife in Craven County and even went back to grad school in Pitt County.  All of this is in the 3rd District. What you also may know is that about 10 years ago my wife took a job in Wilson and she bought a home and moved there.  Our children were born in Wilson and started school there.  I maintained my business, my home and domicile in Dare County; splitting my time between the beach and Wilson.  While not traditional, it worked for us. 

In 2021 my wife passed away and I have spent most of my time in Wilson with my children as they are in school in WCS.  I’ve struggled with where I want to live and where I want them to grow up.  There is no place better in my (very biased) opinion to grow up than Coastal Carolina, but Wilson is the only home my kids have ever known.  I’ve been torn between moving them to the Outer Banks with me full time or shifting my business and moving permanently to Wilson.  Having started a new job on earlier this year that is based in the 1st Congressional District, I have opted to move to Wilson.   

Living out of the district I cannot continue to serve as your Chair.  Please know that my love for the 3rd District and all of Coastal Carolina is unfailing and that I am always just a call away if you need anything.  While I don’t know exactly what hat I’ll be wearing, I do expect to continue to serve the NC Democratic Party in some capacity moving forward.  Expect to hear more about that in the coming days. 


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