2023 NCDP 3rd District Convention Results!

Good Evening County Chairs, Vice Chairs, 3rd Congressional District Executive Committee Members, Delegates and other party leaders,

First, I must thank each and every Delegate who attended today’s District Convention. Thank you for taking the time out of a beautiful Saturday afternoon to spend it with other dedicated Democrats of Eastern North Carolina in order to carry out some of the most important party business…electing our leaders and passing Resolutions, 14 today I might add, that will help shape our party Platform.
Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the NCDP 3rd Congressional District! 

Chair – Dr. Wesley Bokin, Duplin County

1st Vice Chair – Gloria Goodwin, Onslow County

2nd Vice Chair – Autumn Gillikin, Carteret County

3rd Vice Chair – Susan Harman-Scott, Dare County

Secretary, Diane Tyndall, Craven County 

Left rear, Diane Tyndall, Secretary, Left Front, Gloria Goodwin, 1VC, Autumn Gillikin, 2VC, Farrah Farrior, Treasurer, Susan Harman-Scott, 3VC and right rear, Wesley Boykin, Chair

As outgoing Chair, my most important piece of advice to you all, especially the new District officers, is to read and learn the NCDP Plan of Organization. 

Here is the link for the NCDP Plan of Organization, which is not only the road map to keeping our party structure organized, but it also outlines each of your duties and responsibilities which are completely different than they would be on a County or Precinct level. 

In addition, there are numerous training opportunities for not only the new District officers, but new County and Precinct officers, and any other person in the Democratic Party that’s interested.

NCDP Training Series

Please know that I am here to assist, consult and support you with any issues or matters pertaining to our District.

Thank you ALL for the diligent work you have been doing as elected officers of the party to plan and execute your duties as officers as in the North Carolina Democratic Party and to our volunteers who support these party officials! What we do could not be done without our volunteers.

Finally, since we were not able to provide a PowerPoint presentation or video presentation today, I promised I would post the video messages from our Governor Roy Cooper, Attorney General Josh Stein and our NCDP Chair Anderson Clayton.

In closing, let me thank you again for allowing me to lead you these last few months, and also for supporting me and all of my political endeavors over the last 19 years as an active Democrat in our district.

Democratically yours,Tina Rodriguez, Former ChairNCDP 3rd Congressional District

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