2017 Convention

2017 District Convention will be held on Saturday, May 20th (as mandated by NCDP) starting at 1:30 pm at D.H. Conley High School (in Pitt County, just south of Greenville on Hwy 43).  The exact address is 2006 Worthington Rd, Greenville, NC 27858

If you use Facebook, you can keep up with announcements about the Convention as well as letting us know you’ll be in attendance by RSVP-ing to our Facebook Event.

While the meeting is open to all registered Democrats, only those elected as delegates to the 3rd Congressional District Convention at their respective County Conventions (held in early April) may vote on matters of business. The two main items of business for a convention in an odd-numbered year are Resolutions and Election of new District Officers. Below you will find instructions on submitting resolutions for consideration, as well as for submitting nominations in advance.

View Convention Documents

(agenda, rules, nominations report, resolutions, and 2016 minutes)

District Convention Resolutions:

It is probable that some of your precincts have suggested resolutions and your upcoming County Conventions will consider them and forward anything that passes to the District level for consideration. Historically we have been fortunate to only have 2-3 resolutions and it was easy to manage them from the floor. However in recent years that number has been more than 20 and it is a struggle to manage them all. To that end I have asked Secretary Rich Elkins to serve as Chair of our District Resolutions Committee. There are just a few ground rules to make the process run smoothly.

  1. Any and All resolutions approved at the County Convention that you want considered at the District Convention must be submitted by midnight, Sunday, April 30th . That gives you 3+ weeks to get them in and us 3 weeks to review and process them. We set up an email account to receive the resolutions. Send them to resolutions@nc3dems.com.
  2. Any and All resolutions approved at the County Convention that you want considered at the District Convention must be submitted electronically in an editable format (prefer MS Word). We frequently get resolutions that are very similar in nature from multiple counties. The committee may need combine them, edit them, or correct typos as needed for presentation and posting online. We can only do that if we have an editable file. To be very clear; do NOT scan in a document and email us a PDF that cannot be edited. Somebody somewhere typed the resolution you are voting on locally. Get the original file and send that to us.

District Convention Elections:

If you or someone in your county is interested in serving as a District Officer, please send us their name and relevant info. While we must follow the demographic breakdown for officers, please keep in mind we need a geographically diverse team as well. Send them to nominations@nc3dems.com.