2017 Resolutions

The Resolutions Committee received a total 22 resolutions submitted from 8 counties.

These have been categorized into High, Medium, and Low importance to assure that the most crucial and relevant issues are heard first. Some are of a limited local scope and not need to be affirmed and sent along for consideration at the state level.  All of these resolutions are as presented from the counties without any editing with the exception of the Carteret HB 2 resolution, which was updated to reflect the HB 142 compromise “repeal” and to call instead for a full repeal.  This resolution was also categorized of medium importance, because it may be redundant to the Pitt Nondiscrimination resolution which is in the high importance category.

Within each category, these are ordered by alphabetical file names, not by any ranking within that level.  Levels of priority are simply a mechanism to ensure efficient transaction of convention business.  Resolutions may be individually debated or may be adopted in groups without debate if that is the will of the convention.

Special Resolution to be considered during COR vacancy

Resolutions likely to be passed without debate

Resolutions likely needing some discussion

Resolutions of limited local interest