2023 NCDP 3rd District Convention Results!

Good Evening County Chairs, Vice Chairs, 3rd Congressional District Executive Committee Members, Delegates and other party leaders,

First, I must thank each and every Delegate who attended today’s District Convention. Thank you for taking the time out of a beautiful Saturday afternoon to spend it with other dedicated Democrats of Eastern North Carolina in order to carry out some of the most important party business…electing our leaders and passing Resolutions, 14 today I might add, that will help shape our party Platform.
Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the NCDP 3rd Congressional District! 

Chair – Dr. Wesley Bokin, Duplin County

1st Vice Chair – Gloria Goodwin, Onslow County

2nd Vice Chair – Autumn Gillikin, Carteret County

3rd Vice Chair – Susan Harman-Scott, Dare County

Secretary, Diane Tyndall, Craven County 

Left rear, Diane Tyndall, Secretary, Left Front, Gloria Goodwin, 1VC, Autumn Gillikin, 2VC, Farrah Farrior, Treasurer, Susan Harman-Scott, 3VC and right rear, Wesley Boykin, Chair

As outgoing Chair, my most important piece of advice to you all, especially the new District officers, is to read and learn the NCDP Plan of Organization. 

Here is the link for the NCDP Plan of Organization, which is not only the road map to keeping our party structure organized, but it also outlines each of your duties and responsibilities which are completely different than they would be on a County or Precinct level. 

In addition, there are numerous training opportunities for not only the new District officers, but new County and Precinct officers, and any other person in the Democratic Party that’s interested.

NCDP Training Series

Please know that I am here to assist, consult and support you with any issues or matters pertaining to our District.

Thank you ALL for the diligent work you have been doing as elected officers of the party to plan and execute your duties as officers as in the North Carolina Democratic Party and to our volunteers who support these party officials! What we do could not be done without our volunteers.

Finally, since we were not able to provide a PowerPoint presentation or video presentation today, I promised I would post the video messages from our Governor Roy Cooper, Attorney General Josh Stein and our NCDP Chair Anderson Clayton.

In closing, let me thank you again for allowing me to lead you these last few months, and also for supporting me and all of my political endeavors over the last 19 years as an active Democrat in our district.

Democratically yours,Tina Rodriguez, Former ChairNCDP 3rd Congressional District

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2023 NCDP 3rd Congressional District Convention

The 2023 NCDP 3rd Congressional District Convention is May 20th at 1pm at H. J. MacDonald Middle School in New Bern. Registration begins at 12:30 light refreshments and snacks. More details to follow.

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NCDP Elects New Party Chair and 2023-25 Leadership

Saturday (February 11, 2023), at the semi-annual State Executive Committee (SEC) Meeting of the North Carolina Democratic Party, North Carolina Democrats elected Anderson Clayton to serve as state party chair.

“I want to thank my fellow SEC members and North Carolina Democrats across the state for trusting me to lead our party as we prepare for the 2023 and 2024 elections,” said Chair Anderson Clayton. “I ran for Chair because I believe that we can build a brighter future for NCDP from the ground up, and I can’t wait to get to work.”

“With so much at stake in 2023 and 2024, we are proud to have Anderson lead the NCDP team,” said NCDP Interim Executive Director Lillian Taylor. “We look forward to getting back to work with Democrats across the state to strengthen our party infrastructure and elect candidates who will stand up for our shared values.”

North Carolina Democrats also elected a diverse leadership team: 

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3CD gets a new Chair

In anticipation of the resignation of longtime District Chair Chris Hardee, the 3rd Congressional District Executive Committee unanimously elected Tina Rodriguez from Carteret County to fill his unexpired term. Tina is a veteran of Democratic Leadership having served as the District 1st Vice Chair from 2007-2011 when she stepped down to take on the leadership of Carteret County Democrats as their new County Chair. Tina has been an elected delegate to several Democratic National Conventions and continues to serve on NCDP’s SEC. Congratulations Tina.

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New Directions for 3CD

Having served this District since 1999, it is with careful consideration and a heavy heart that I offer my resignation as District Chair effective February 3, 2023.   

Many of you know that I was born in Pitt County, grew up and ran a successful business in Dare County, met and married my wife in Craven County and even went back to grad school in Pitt County.  All of this is in the 3rd District. What you also may know is that about 10 years ago my wife took a job in Wilson and she bought a home and moved there.  Our children were born in Wilson and started school there.  I maintained my business, my home and domicile in Dare County; splitting my time between the beach and Wilson.  While not traditional, it worked for us. 

In 2021 my wife passed away and I have spent most of my time in Wilson with my children as they are in school in WCS.  I’ve struggled with where I want to live and where I want them to grow up.  There is no place better in my (very biased) opinion to grow up than Coastal Carolina, but Wilson is the only home my kids have ever known.  I’ve been torn between moving them to the Outer Banks with me full time or shifting my business and moving permanently to Wilson.  Having started a new job on earlier this year that is based in the 1st Congressional District, I have opted to move to Wilson.   

Living out of the district I cannot continue to serve as your Chair.  Please know that my love for the 3rd District and all of Coastal Carolina is unfailing and that I am always just a call away if you need anything.  While I don’t know exactly what hat I’ll be wearing, I do expect to continue to serve the NC Democratic Party in some capacity moving forward.  Expect to hear more about that in the coming days. 


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2022 Election Results

Congratulations to all our new Democratic Members of Congress from NC. Especially Representative-Elect Don Davis (NC-01). As a veteran, educator, minister, and dedicated public servant, Don Davis has long served as an advocate for the residents of Eastern North Carolina in Snow Hill and Raleigh. Now, he will do the same in Washington – bringing rural North Carolina values to Congress and fighting for the working families of the 1st District and all of Eastern North Carolina.  

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Early Voting is Open

Polls are open, NC!

Early voting starts today and runs until November 5. Make your voice heard.

Step 1: Go to candidates.ncdp.org to meet the Democrats on your ballot

Step 2: Find your closest early voting site at iwillvote.com

Step 3: Text the friend that you are taking with you and pick your voting time

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2022 Election

Congratulations to Barbara Gaskins and Cheri Beasly on your Strong Wins in the Democratic Primary this week. We are ready to get out and work for you and our statewide Judges for Victory on November 8th.

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2022 District Convention

The 3rd District Democratic Convention will begin at 12:30 pm on Saturday May 21st.

The Convention will be held at Beaufort County Community College (5337 US-264, Washington, NC 27889) near Washington NC in Building Ten. We will attempt to hold this as a hybrid model of in person and adding a virtual component via Zoom. Note if we have tech issues, we will shift solely to the live convention. You are encouraged to attend in person if possible.

  • If you are attending in person you do NOT have to pre-register. Just show up in person at the college. Registration opens at noon.
  • If you have to attend via virtually, you must Register in advance HERE and we will send the Zoom link at about noon on the day of the convention. Virtual Registration will CLOSE at noon on May 21st. Virtual attendees MUST participate on a visual device (computer or Zoom App) in order to participate and vote. We can not accept phone based participants. Delegates are encouraged to attend in person.

Order of Business will include: Officer Elections, Election of Standing Committees, Resolutions, and Remarks from candidates.

Convention Agenda and other Documents can be found HERE or under the Meetings Tab.

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3rd District Democratic Primary

The Third Congressional District will have a Primary on May 17th to select a Democratic Nominee for the 2022 General Election. Details on our candidates can be found HERE.

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