2017-18 Executive Committee Meetings

February 4, 2017
Following the 2016 Court Ordered Re-Districting, the NC Democratic Party Executive Council opted to shift to the new district boundaries effect January 3, 2017 in conjunction with the new Congress being seated in Washington DC.  With the new districts in place some of our existing officers no longer reside in the 3rd District.  In our case that includes the Chair and Treasurer.

Consistent with the Plan of Organization, the District must meet to elect officers to fill out the remainder of the term (that will end in May 2017).  The District Executive Committee will meet on Saturday, February 4th at the Beaufort County Courthouse in Washington NC starting at 10:00 am.  Registration will open at 9:45 am.  The Courthouse is located at 112 W 2nd St, Washington, NC 27889.    Our agenda will be brief, primarily filling the office of Chair, Treasurer and any other potential vacancies that may occur.

April 9, 2017  Conf Call

December 2, 2017
The 3CD Executive Committee met in Washington at Beaufort Community College.  The body reviewed the recent District Training held in New Bern and Currituck.  District appointments were discussed including the vacant Minority Affairs seat and the 3CD seat on the POO review committee.  After discussing the 2018 NCDP calendar, we had an in-depth presentation on the new legislative districts and the need to recruit candidates in some of them.  The District opted to continue the Down-Easter event and is seeking a co-chair and committee members to work on the project.  Finally the Executive Committee voted to approve the 2018 District Convention in Washington (at BCCC) on May 5th and began discussing the strategic plan.