3rd District Dems hosts Candidates Forum… Questions needed

April 9 in Washington

The NCDP Third Congressional District will host a Candidates Forum on Tuesday April 9th. The Forum will be held in the main Auditorium (building 8) at Beaufort Community College starting at 6:00 pm. As of this writing, 5 of the 6 Democrats have agreed to participate. We hope to confirm all six shortly. Knowing there are several local forums in some of our larger central counties we wanted to make a special effort to here from smaller and more remote counties. With that in mind, the bulk of our questions for the forum will come from you, the Democrats in the 3rd District (with preference from smaller counties). Please click on the link below to submit your questions. The cut off will be 5:00 pm on Monday April 8th.

Third Congressional District Democratic Candidates Forum Question Submission Form

For more information on attending the forum in person; click here.

While this will be your last chance to hear from the candidates before Early Voting begins on April 10th, there are two other Democratic Forums scheduled in the District by local Parties. One is in New Bern on April 8th and the other Greenville on April 15th.

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