Hyde County Dems reorganized.

Following several years on inactivity, Democrats in Hyde County met on April 19th to reorganize.  With 60% of the precincts having met recently and organized formally; all were in attendance at the new county meeting/convention.  This included Ocracoke Precinct that had to travel by ferry to attend the Convention and had over 20 Democrats attend the organizing precinct meeting.  The Convention Delegates attended to traditional business including electing a slate of officers (including new Chairman Wallace Gibbs), delegates to the District and State Conventions, selection of legislative executive committee members and even proposed, from the floor, and adopted 3 resolutions.  There were several candidates present and the presiding officer (District Chair Chris Hardee) reminded the assembled Democrats of the focus to Break the Majority in Raleigh by electing Cole Phelps and Tess Judge to the State Senate and House.  This effort would not be possible without the strong push from several local Democrats and coordinating by 3rd District Vice Chair Jen Alexander.  Thanks to all.Hyde OfficersNew Hyde County Officers:  Romonia Bryant; Treasurer, Elsa Schmitt; 1VC, Wallace GIbbs; Chair, Cheryl Weston; 3VC, Mike Adams; 2VC, and Roger Garrish; Secretary

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