2017 District Convention Announcement

Please refer to the District Convention 2017 Page for Convention updates.

Greetings, I hope all of your convention plans are going well and we’ll have a successful series of County Conventions next month.  One of the items you will be doing at your convention is electing delegates to the 3rd District Convention.  The date set by the NCDP is May 20, 2017 for all the District Conventions.  As you know with the 3rd District spread from the Virginia line to Jacksonville on Onslow County, the mid-point and most accessible locations are in Pitt/Beaufort counties.  Actually Vanceboro (Hwy 17 in Craven County) is the best location, but there are no facilities there to hold us.  With input from the officers and other county leaders, I’ve set the location of the 2017 District Convention in Pitt County at D.H. Conley High School (just south of Greenville on Hwy 43).  The exact address is 2006 Worthington Rd, Greenville, NC 27858.  We are working on the details of the convention, but it will start after lunch.  The exact time is TBA, but likely 1:00.  The reason for the late start is we are tentatively planning a forum for the morning.

In many of our counties across the District and in fact across the state there has been a HUGE turnout of people in opposition to the 45th President, the anti-family congress and regressive NC Legislature.  They have come to our monthly meetings, our precinct meetings and are organizing on their own in almost every county I talk to or visit.  THIS IS GOOD.  The energy and passion of these folks is great and working alongside the party’s experienced campaigners, we will Break the Majority in Raleigh and send 45 back to Trump Tower in 2020.  While they are working together in some counties we need to help those introductions in all of them.  That is the idea of the Forum we are planning for the morning of May 20th ahead of the District Convention.  While the details are still being finalized; we envision a time where groups of like-minded folks can come together, share ideas, network, see what works, and see where we have groups or where we need to work.  Additionally I hope many of our convention delegates will arrive early and join in on the conversation.  Similarly I hope that some of the newer participants may stay for the convention to see how our process works and we can all start to work together.

As we are reaching out to people, if you have some of these newer groups in your county, please send their contact information to me as soon as possible so we can include them.

Chris Hardee
3rd District Chair

About richerichnc

Land Records Manager at NC Secretary of State. Past President (2009) and current Webmaster of the NC Property Mappers Association. B.A. Geography (minor International Studies) East Carolina University, 1996. Follow me on twitter: @richerichnc
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