2016 DNC Delegate Candidates

The NCDP has released the names of the candidates who have applied, been approved, and are therefore eligible to run for the 4 delegate positions from the 3rd Congressional District to the Democratic National Convention. Nominations cannot be taken from the floor for these positions, but candidates may withdraw themselves from consideration at any time. A couple have already expressed an intent to do so, but can change their minds before Saturday and still be eligible.

The 3CD is allotted 4 positions to be elected at Saturday’s District Convention, one of each gender pledged to each candidate (1 female Clinton delegate, 1 male Clinton delegate, 1 female Sanders delegate, and 1 male Sanders delegate) as approved by the state party and the respective campaigns.  Additional slots will also be available for election at the State Convention in June, but most will be designated to fulfill diversity goals for the delegation which are not filled by those elected from the districts. We do not have any requirements for electing other than by pledged candidate and gender.

An update on the process for Saturday. When we are divided into caucuses based on which candidate district convention delegates pledge for, you will only vote on the DNC Candidates who are pledged to the same Presidential Candidate, but your county will cast its FULL weighted vote in each caucus, not split up based on the number of your county delegates pledged for each Presidential Candidate.

So if you have a county who was entitled to and elected 50 delegates to the District Convention, but only 25 are in attendance, with 15 caucusing for Clinton and 10 for Saunders, each of their votes counts as 2 weighted votes in the general convention business. In each caucus, those from the county will still cast their full county weight. The 15 Clinton caucusers will each have a weighted vote of 3.33, and the 10 Sanders caucusers will have weighted votes of 5.  (Don’t worry, this isn’t a math test. You give us your raw votes and they will be automatically converted to weighted in the vote tally spreadsheets.)

The following are the candidates eligible to run for DNC Delegate, grouped by their gender and the candidate for whom they are pledged. County information was not provided with the list, so those who are not county delegates to the district, we don’t have that information available for all of them. (Candidates are not required to be county delegates to run for positions, but you may wish to consider their level of involvement in the party or with Presidential Candidate campaigns when weighing which candidates to support for these positions)

Congressional District 3 National Convention Delegate Candidates

Clinton – Female. 11 Candidates, Elect 1
Carolyn Bryan (Onslow)
Kathy Cantrell (Onslow)
Linda Dula (Onslow)
Monica Gibbs (Pamlico)
Gloria  Goodwin (Onslow)
Sandra Kirby-Klinefelter (Pender)
Kathy McCullough-Testa (Dare)
Kimberly Nobles
Nellie Pagan Healy (Dare)
Linda Roach
Tina Rodriguez (Carteret)
Clinton – Male. 7 Candidates, Elect 1
Dakota Cary (New Hanover)
Chris Hardee (Dare)
William Hardee
David Marshburn (Onslow)
Sonny McLawhorn (Pitt)
Michael Morgan (Onslow)
Timothy Webster, Jr. (Pitt)
Sanders – Female. 13 Candidates, Elect 1
Jessama Allender
Renee Boston-Hill (Pitt)
Judy DeLong (Carteret)
Sherry Eason (Onslow)
Jennifer Faasii-Smith (Onslow)
Robin Halsey
Katrina Jones
Lynn McIntyre (New Hanover)
Vincent Richardson
Sonya Shamseldin (Beaufort)
Anniken Williams (Pitt)
Teresa Woolverton (Pitt)
Zoey Zaleta (Pamlico)
Sanders – Male. 9 Candidates, Elect 1
Rufus Best (New Hanover)
John Chrystal (Beaufort)
Marshall Earley
Robert Healy (Dare)
David Nelson (Pitt)
Zachary Pate (Pitt)
Dusty Speedy (Greene)
Andrew Tawes, Jr. (Pitt)
Orren Uriah Ward, II (Pitt)




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