District Executive Committee Announcement

The Executive Committee of the NCDP 3rd Congressional District will meet on Saturday, February 21st. The 10:30am meeting will will be held in Washington NC at the Brown Library.  The address (click for map) is 122 Van Norden St. Washington NC 27889.

Agenda Topics to include:

  1. Filling the Vacancy of the District Chair
  2. Other pre-Convention Business

The District Executive Committee is comprised of all the District elected officers and auxiliary representatives (with 1 vote each) and 2 elected representatives from each county in the district (with votes weighted each to half of the county’s district convention delegation. For counties entirely in the district, this is the Chair, and 1VC. For counties split by districts, the Chair and 1VC serve in the district where they reside, and additional representatives are elected to provide 2 reps to each district contained within the county.

Background: (in case you hadn’t heard otherwise)
There was a complaint filled with the Council of Review that 3CD Chair, Chris Hardee was not a resident of the 3rd District (despite his having been a registered and active voter in Dare County, completely within the district, for many years.  The council voted (by the minimum margin) in favor of the complaint and removed Chris as chair.  This decision is under appeal for factual, procedural, and jurisdictional grounds.

In the meanwhile, until the appeal is heard, we are without a chair and were initially denied representation on the State Executive Council, until then Chair, Randy Voller reversed his decision and allowed 1st VC Betsy Leech to sit as “acting chair” for the February 7th meeting.  Below is an excerpt paragraph of the NCDP Plan of Organization dealing with vacancies in District Officers (Section 3.04) (Further note: this version of the PoO does not reflect amendments made in 2015, none of which affect the section below.)

Vacancy and Succession for Congressional District Executive Committee Officers. Vacancies occurring among the officers of the congressional district executive committee shall be filled within thirty (30) days following the creation of the vacancy. The congressional district executive committee chair shall call a meeting of the congressional district executive committee to fill that vacancy and any other vacancies which might be caused by the action of such committee in filling the vacancy. If, for any reason, there should occur a vacancy in the chair of the congressional district executive committee, the first vice chair, the second vice chair, the third vice chair, the secretary or the treasurer, in that order, shall preside and in the absence of all of the foregoing officers, any member of the congressional district executive committee may preside.

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Land Records Manager at NC Secretary of State. Past President (2009) and current Webmaster of the NC Property Mappers Association. B.A. Geography (minor International Studies) East Carolina University, 1996. Follow me on twitter: @richerichnc
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